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" the gospel has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven  "
Colossians 1:25

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GOD's museum
Animals Are Amazing
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Hi Laura!

Your website is amazingly wonderful !
I am thrilled !
And my dad will be thrilled beyond belief when I share with him your website ...
& the super nice things that you said in your emails !
He loves sharing his loons & has given hundreds of them away as he always carries a few in his shirt pocket !
You can go to just about any bank or business in town & you will see one of his loons sitting on a desk or counter!
Everyone loves them !

I can't THANK YOU enough for sharing your story & your website ...
it's just awesome & what a great thing you are doing !
My dad will be so tickled to hear all of this.
He will be so honored to be on your website !
His name is Bill Hughen, now 80 years old & has been carving for years !

Congrats to you on all your great work !

Kathy in Texas
Kathy sent this email in regards to her father ... Bill Hughen ...
an amazing wood carver and great and true friend to loons everywhere !!

9  13  2008
What an honor my father would be so proud.

Rory Flynn
Ms. Flynn most kindly sent this reply in response to notification that a posthumous
Animals Are Amazing .com HELPING HAND HERO award
had been bestowed upon her amazing father
American Film Actor, Writer, Director and Animal Rights Pioneer
2  24  2009
Hi Laura!

That is SO neat !
I just checked out the website & it's wonderful !
The pictures are just great & everything you wrote is just the nicest thing.
I sent the email to dad & I know he will think it's wonderful too!

Thanks so much for making my special dad "extra special"
thanks so much for writing to let me know
Great Job !

Kathy in Texas
This was written about Kathy's father ..
an amazing wood carver and great and true friend to loons everywhere
Bill Hughen
3  1  2009
Your pictures are so good.
The animals all look so nice on the solid color fabrics you use for a background.
And ... I find the extraordinary variety and yet all still wood very interesting.

Pat Scott
These comments were made in reference to photographs of wonderful turtles
from the collection of 2 amazing people Frieda and Steve Horvath, by Frieda's daughter .. Pat.
7  5  2009
Hey Laura,

The website is really neat !
We'll visit it again soon.
We enjoy reading all about the different animals like the harvest mouse and earthworm.
I think Kelley drew a worm for you (she's only 4).

Thank you,
7  15  2009
Hi Laura,

I did go on your website & I am amazed at the size of it ...  it is Gigantic!!
God Bless you, you are so in tune to nature!

Rose & Pat
Hi Laura,

We were in awe at your beautiful writeup about our garden (and us) & were so pleased you enjoyed & appreciated it so much.
We never considered ourselves "environmental heroes",
but when you think about it, if everyone did just a little part in making this world a better place,
what a wonderful world it would be!
Hopefully it will encourage others to start a garden, even though there isn't a lot of space.
It's like having a little piece of Heaven!!
I am amazed at your informative web site & find it refreshing to know how much into nature you are.
What a beautiful thing.
We thank you again for such a wonderful writeup.

Pat & Rose
8  7  2009
Dear Laura,

Animals are amazing but something, someone else is amazing....YOU !
I so much respect your efforts on animal conservation.
You are truly a unique human being.
Your efforts are so honorable and important.
Thank you for being in the world.

Kent Gutzmer
8  7  2009


8  19  2009
The site is amazing.
I am going to bookmark it for my 6 grandchildren who are ages 1 to 10.  They will love it. They are all animal lovers.
I am also going to link the site to my facebook.
Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
I hope everybody will visit it and learn to help protect them.

10  15  2009
It is great
what you are doing is a good thing, I wish there were more people in the world like you.
I love animals and have adopted 3 abused dogs, now they are very spoiled and rule the house,
thanks for being you,


10  15  2009
Hi Laura

I don't know what to say.
It's incredible, fabulous, inspiring. I'm blown away !
What a wonderful, wonderful site
I'm a huge animal lover myself.
One of my favorite quotes is:  "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals".  It's so true.
Laura, you're doing an amazing thing by having your museum.
I've looked through it for the last hour but I've saved it so I can really look when I have more time.
I'm going to pass this site on to many people.
Thank you for what you're doing,

10  15  2009
Hi Laura,

That's fantastic !  It's wonderful what you do.
Saw your site and loved it.
The oxen was my mothers (She made from a kit). She too was an animal lover big time. Me too!

Thank you and best of luck.

10  16  2009
Hi Laura,

your museum is awesome.
You really have come up with a great idea.
Good luck with it.

10  18  2009
Thank you for your message.
I am glad you are enjoying Snydley.
I have made allot of different things over the years
and I have to say that Snydley has brought the most joy to others of all my creations.
I find that this is my greatest reward.
You have quite a web site.
I can see how much you care about this fantastic world we have been blessed to be in.
The older I get the more I marvel at the incredible design of creation and the miracle of life.
I believe also we do have a great responsibility to take care of it and since I live in North America,
we have so much available to us to be responsible for.
Keep up the good work and thank you for caring.


These lovely comments were made by an amazing wood carver in Canada
who carves wonderful AMAZING little mice doing all sorts of things like skiing .. painting .. riding a bike !!!
They are super ... just like real mice !!!
10  18  2009
" this is what the LORD says__
you are precious and honored in my sight,
because I love you
Isaiah 43:1,4